Ang pagdating ni magellan sa mactan

Earlier, the South American empires of the Maya and the Aztecs quickly fell to the Spanish conquistadors.

Greatly encouraged by easy successes, Spain subsequently set its sights on Southeast Asia.

Five hundred years ago through the valor of just one man, Spain was forced to postpone for about 45 years the plan to colonize our country.

Thus, there once were two more generations of our forefathers who lived free from the yoke of Spain, thanks to this warrior. He was one of the two chiefs of Mactan Island in the Visayas.

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Si Magellan ang Portuguese explorer na nangunguna sa Spanish expedition para maghanap ng spices, na napakahalaga sa mga European nang mga panahong iyon.Siya ay lumapag sa Maguindanao (Cotabato) sa taong 1475 at pagkatapos ay pinakasalan niya si Putri Tunina.Sila rin ang kauna-unahang Sultan at Sultana sa Maguindanao.Ng taong 1390, si Rajah Baginda ay dumating sa Bansa at pinagpatuloy ang pagpapalaganap ng Islam na sinimulan ni Sharif Makhdum.Si Abu Bakr ay dumating sa Jolo noong 1450 at pagkatapos ay pinakasalan niya ang dalagang anak ni Rajah Baginda na si Putri (Princess) Paramisuli.

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