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It seems that D’Acquisto is in the midst of earning her second degree, and some spoilers tease that there are tantalizing twists and turns on the way that will shake things up, and there are two players with a bit of a leg-up on the other contestants.Paulie Calafiore, the brother to former contender Cody, as well as Tiffany Rousso, sister to Vanessa, are both houseguests this summer as well.Outside of its value as a collector's item, this Elite is a spectacular player and is more than capable of satisfying the demands of guitarists of any level.This guitar is really a special treat from one of the greatest and most imitated archtop builders.They don't show up in pictures and you have to hold the guitar a certain way for the lines to show. This is a first year Fender D'Aquisto Elite Archtop made in Japan in 1984.What do contestant’s Linked In page notes that she has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts with a focus on theater and graduated magna cum laude.D’Acquisto says she loves adoptable dogs, shopping for hair accessories, and running, and she thinks she might go a bit stir-crazy in the house.

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To start the season, Bronte aligned with the newbies in order to take out the veterans.

kicks into gear Wednesday night on CBS, and fans cannot wait to get started.

Bronte D’Acquisto is one of the houseguests playing the game this summer, and she seems to be generating some early buzz.

She later became a member of the Spy Girls alliance with Bridgette and Natalie in the hope that a female would win the game.

In Week 3, she was nominated by Frank, the Roadkill winner, during Bridgette's Head of Household reign.

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