Outlook sent folder not updating

Question How can I get Outlook to create these folders again? I'm assuming this is an exchange account as you refer to a server?

It should recreate the folders automatically - check Mail in control panel, select Email accounts and then double click the account in question.

There is a slider that sets what mail to keep offline - slide it all the way to the right and click Next and finish. If still not, go back there and off tick the Use Cached Exchange box, finish it and reopen Outlook again.

If the latter shows the folders, then you need to go delete your OST and SRS files in your profile folder, re-enable Cached mode and reopen Outlook.

When you first set up your i Phone to check your email hosted with In Motion Hosting, it's possible you will not see the Sent, Trash, Drafts, and Junk folders.

Typically, these folders are in your INBOX and you'll need to set the prefix path for it to work correctly.

In the IMAP Mail account settings, Advanced (I guess it's called in English, I'm using the Dutch localisation) takes you to the screen that let's you choose the folders for each.

He has important clients emails that is going in his spam folder on his phone but does not show up in the junk folder in Outlook so he cant grant permission to them. Since IMAP leaves the emails on the server, both clients should see the same emails.A message that has multiple labels in Gmail appears in each corresponding folder in Outlook.When the message appears in multiple folders, it looks like there are multiple copies of the message in Outlook.Did you select an Unlimited mailbox size limit in GSSMO?If so, your local PST file might have reached the maximum size allowed by Outlook (20 GB).

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