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Massively multiplayer chat bot game Text-based role-playing MUD experience in organic environment of fast-growing instant messengers.

Player interacting with gaming world by sending simple text commands or pressing buttons with lovely icons right in his messenger.

This bot has a number of commands, some helpful and some less so, as well as the capability to mod.

It only reacts to basic offences such as flooding/caps/stretching. This bot has not been tested on every Some information will be shown, and will automatically join the room(s) you specified if no error occurs.

There is already a community of players taking part in product development.

Extensive gaming world with 250 unique locations (villages, dungeons, lakes and rivers, temples, ruins, caves, deserts and jungles), 5 big cities, 500 items, 10 dungeons and 50 kinds of monstrosities.

Estée Lauder and Madison Reed have programmed chatbots to ease foundation shopping and hair coloring, respectively. Meet thousands of geeks on Kik that share your same roleplay interests.Thousands of topics including anime, comics, high school, romance, apocalypse, vampire, otaku, minecraft, pokemon, doctor who, my little pony, furry, naruto, one piece, homestuck, creepypasta and so much more. Do you build media, business, e-commerce, real-estate or customer support A. bots for Facebook or any other messaging platforms? Our team is working really hard on delivering new updates for functionality and gaming world every month.Future improvements will include: Text-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game delivered to its native environment of fast-growing messengers via chatbot solution.

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