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You can mark today as the day Texas is drawing a line in the sand and saying no."The NCAA made an emphatic statement against North Carolina's HB2 in September when it removed all of its championship events from North Carolina, stating the bill is contrary to the association's overall initiative for inclusion. Most notable among upcoming NCAA championship events to be held in Texas is the women's Final Four in Dallas on March 31 and April 2.That move, the NBA's decision to relocate its All-Star game form Charlotte plus numerous event cancellations (including a Bruce Springsteen concert), reportedly has cost the state close to million. The men's Final Four is scheduled for San Antonio in 2018.Robbie Williams just told the most WTF sex story you’ll hear today.

King "Water Velocity and Nutrient Availability Control Periphyton Enzyme Activity in Subtropical Limestone Streams"Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting 2014Portland, Oregon.

During his chat on the Graham Norton Show, the singer was asked ‘what’s the maddest thing a fan has given you?

’ ‘Herpes’ was his short, sweet and brutally honest reply.

Hudson Taylor, executive director and founder of Athlete Ally, an organization dedicated to ending discrimination through the sports world, argues that the accommodation is masquerading a big-picture transphobic policy that he believes the NCAA and other organizations will see past."SB6 in Texas, regardless of any workaround, would not make (a safe environment) possible — namely because any fan or athlete attending a sporting event is also going to be required to eat somewhere, sleep somewhere," Taylor said.

"More than anything it's about the larger transphobic message sent.

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